10 Pet Animals Who Ate Their Owners

10 Pets Who Ate Their Owners

Most people love having a pet or two around. Great companions and often very loyal, we don’t think of our pets as homicidal murderers bent on eating our flesh. Think again whether a house cat or a massive gig like this guy here there’s quite a history of our little companions turning on us when they get the urge to snack.


10-Bad Doggy

Man’s best friend? Will let you be the judge. When police entered the house of Liverpool resident they believed to be deceased, they found buster the bull terrier in an agitated state. Now, we know what you’re the thinking-the dog was upset because his owner died. Or maybe he was upset because we had been eating something rather disturbing? It turned out buster had been feasting away on his owner’s corpse for a few days. The investigation found no proof buster and killed his owner leaving everyone wondering what to do with the pooch.