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9 Tips For Getting a Good Bali Travel

Tip Number 1:  bali travel

Before you go on your Bali holiday, go and exchange $25 US dollars you will need this for you holiday visa entry into Bali.

Tip Number 2:  bali travel

Alcohol Bring your duty-free with you, there is a limit of 1 liter per person but alcohol in Bali is quite expensive in Bali due to the taxes. A bottle of Jim Beam is around $60 and a bottle of Vodka, for example, is probably around $50 dollars, so bring your Duty-Free with you and only 1 liter per person.

Tip Number 3:  bali travel

When you arrive at the Bali airport quickly make your way to the visa counter with your $25 US dollars, and get your visa in done and quickly before the lines, there are going to be over 140 trying to do the exact same thing. First in best dressed quicker out of that Airport.

Tip Number 4:  bali travel

Bag porters they are everywhere and they will grab your bags quicker than lightening to carry them for you, but first-timers are recommended not to let them carry your bags unless you have got something really heavy or lots and lots of bagsBecause most of the time they will try and rip you off they know the ATM’s in the area mostly only put out $50,000 $100,000 notes which are equivalent to five and ten dollars but really you only need to tip them between 10-20,000 rupiah which is the equivalent of 1 or 2 dollars.


bali travel
bali travel

Tip Number 5: bali travel

Travelling short distances around Bali is easy and I would recommend the Blue Bird Group of Taxis so you don’t get ripped off There are copycat taxis that look very similar but they are bound to rip you off or pretend their taxi metre doesn’t work and blah blah blah all these other excuses Remember to always ask them to put the Taxi Metre on. If they don’t have a meter that works then don’t get in the taxi, it’s as simple as that and it will make traveling around Bali but easier.

Tip Number 6:  bali travel

 if you’re traveling long distances and there are a group of you then you could hire a Mini Bus driver for the day, which can cost between $30 and $60 for the entire day They will drive you around anywhere, and wait for you while you do your shopping have dinner, meals, drinks, everything. They will sit and wait for you for between $30 and $60 dollars Most hotels and resorts offer this service resorts will offer this service but sometimes you can find them cheap out on the street.

Tip Number 7:  bali travel

Shopping in Bali, you can get some great bargains and lots of cheap stuff, but you can also get ripped off. My biggest tip for 1st times to Bali is DONT buy anything on your 1st day or 2 that you’re in Bali browse, look and experience what it’s like to bargain practice bargaining but always walk away without buying. That way the next day when you do go shopping and want to purchase something you know how low you can get them to go to sell you that product. If you don’t want to do the bargaining but you want to by some nick nacks nick nacks and goodies. Try the supermarket and bringing store because there is no bargaining and the prices there are pretty good and cheap.

Tip Number 8:   bali travel

departure you will need one hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs for airport taxes when you leave the airport. Don’t forget on day one or the very first day you go and get money or larger amounts of money output hundred and fifty thousand rupiahs away put it in your passport and forget about it until you need it at the airport. That’s the biggest tip because so many people forget about that and sometimes ATM’s are not right where you need them.

Tip Number 9:  bali travel

Make sure you break your bigger notes up into smaller notes as soon as possible because when you’re in Bali a lot of people pretend they don’t have changed so they can earn more money out of you.