Better Life

5 Tips For a Better Life

Everybody really wants to know what it is they need to do, to be, to do, to have more in their lives, I’ve got five tips I want to give you for a better life.


 1-Daily Spiritual Practice     better life                               

better life, Daily Spiritual Practice
Daily Spiritual Practice

You must have a Daily Spiritual Practice, whether it’s journal writing or conscious breathing or meditation or prayer or read something inspirational, but a practice that you engage in consistently every single day, that takes your focus of the external world and puts it on the internal world, so that you can begin your own personal evolution.


2-Self-Care and Self-Nurturing                         better life

Learn radical Self-Care and Self-Nurturing , imagine that you have 24 hours a day, for how many years, how much of that time do you give just for you, will you just sit and be present with you, Self-Care and Self-Nurturing ,also being really clear about what it is you want, talk to yourself about it, talk to somebody you care about, hear your own voice and honour your own feelings and be good to you.


3-Forgiveness                   better life

Forgive everyone, for everything, how long, are you going to walk around being pissed off and angry and disgruntled, because booboo upset you back in 56, come on, when are you gonna get over it, was you sit around remembering the hertz, remembering the rejections the abandonment, you are giving those folk, that you’re thinking about your energy, take your energy back Forgive.


4-Be Grateful                              better life

Be Grateful for every little thing, Be Grateful for the lovely do, Be Grateful that even in the midst of your worst our, in the midst of all of your craziness dysfunction and our application, that you had enough sense and stamina, to be good, to somebody else.


5-Have a Vision                      better life

“Without Vision the people perish”, when I say vision I’m not talking about outer gazing, I’m talking about it inner knowing, where you allow the dreams and the hopes and the images to play out in your mind, you must have a vision for your life, so that you don’t get sidetracked ,by things in people that I’m not going in the direction that you go, write it out and then imagine it feeling, allow the vision to grow, and I always say that ,when you have a Vision, it means that you are pregnant with possibility and this is the one time, when men, can get pregnant.