Top 10 Dangerous Families in The World

The saying goes, “there’s always a black sheep in the family” meaning, there is always a troublemaker in the bunch. But what happens when being bad is a family affair? Then the family becomes the black sheep of society. From running countries to having ties to one of the world’s largest terrorist regimes, these families show that a life of crime runs in the family. These are ten of the Top 10 Dangerous Family.

10-KKK Family   

 Dangerous Families 10: KKK Family

Meet this lovely family, who refuses to give their family name, so we will call them the KKK Family, the KKK opened its doors to cameras in 2014, so they could show the world what is going on with the Ku Klux Klan in west Virginia. The Ku Klux Klan and its part of America have been recruiting and training for what they believe is an inevitable race war. The KKK family includes two boys aged 14 and 11, Levin KKK members since birth, and have even been a part of notorious cross burning ceremonies.

9-Genovese Family   

 Dangerous Families 9: Genovese Family

Though it’s not an actual blood family, the general base a family is the most powerful organized crime family in New York City. With roots in NYC that date back to 1892, the general base a family is considered the most sophisticated, logical, crafty, and largest Mafia family in town. They have been able to cheat the system over the years by crafting new ways to earn money through the market crash, and online gambling site. The family has over 250 numbers, and the general vase a family is so secretive, that many of their members don’t know who they are working for.

8-Sinaloa Cartel  

 Dangerous Families 8:Sinaloa Cartel

The Sinaloa Cartel is the largest and most powerful organized drug-trafficking organization in the Western Hemisphere. It doesn’t have just one boss, but a group of bosses who act as a board of directors. Each group is connected by blood, marriages, or religious relationships, so this cartel is very much a family affair. There they are active in 17 Mexican states, throughout America, and even have ties to Australia. This cartel has been known to be the most brutal force in Mexico and is responsible for many massacres where the body count has been as high as 35 people.