How to Study

How to Study More in Less Time – The 80/20 Principle

And then 19th century, Vilfredo Pareto made a huge discovery, it was looking at England’s patterns of wealth and income and they found that 80% of the income and wealth always want to a minority of 20% in his samples. He was the first to discover the 80/20 Principle. Since then the principal was applied in every field of four throat history, it’s all about the notion of productive laziness, do 20% of The Work In The Game 80% Of The Value ,today I’m going to show you how to apply this principle to study faster or run another language in less time and exert the least amount of effort in your Roman process if you want to know how to apply this principle in business just get this first paragraph of the article.

The 80/20 Principle Applied to Studying   How to Study

How to Study

I read this book about a week ago, and I found out that I’ve applied the 20 principle to get my bachelor degree, without even knowing about the principle of the first place. Studying for me was the most boring thing ever, the only thing that I want to do was to play guitar with something music and start a bad, but I lived in a small city and they had to get the bachelor degree, in order for my parents to let me leave home and moved to a bigger city, where I can start a band and continue my studies, I had to come up with something that will motivate me to study, something that will make studying enjoyable, I remember one day while summarizing my history courses, I came up with an idea, I call that mix it audio summaries, here’s how it goes:

First, I summarize a course on paper, then I recorded with a microphone or with my cell phone, after that I out on some background music, I mix the course was one of my favourite songs but I keep the music on low volume, for a whole year I didn’t study much, I just recorded my audio summaries every day for 30 minutes or so and one week before the exams and stuff reading and rereading my courses over and over to revise like my classmates did, I would put on my headphones and listen to my audio summaries on 1.5 speed, while following along with the actual paper summary. I remember the final semester I had to revise like 100 courses and memorize about 100 definition to get my bachelor degree, my classmates were complaining about how much they had to revise some of them already gave up, hopefully I had my audio summer is ready to rock, believe it or not I was able to revise about 100 course or more and less than one week, the only secret was to speed up those audio summaries wireless ling.

How to StudyI have to mention that being present in class and understanding the lesson or the lecture, is the most important part there’s no point and record the lecture that you don’t even understand, also don’t worry about the summaries if you’re too lazy to summarize your lessons, just record them directly it works perfect to follow the simple, tweak and they’ll be able to revise eighty percent of your courses and twenty percent of the time another little tip I use, try to joke around while recording and this is the 80/20 principle applied to studying.

The 80/20 Principle to Learn Another Language Faster   How to Study

How to Study

But learning is learning, so why not apply the same tactics to it, let’s say that you want to learn Spanish, record five or ten your words on your phone and don’t forget their explanation in English, make sure to put some music in your recording as i showed you before, now replay that audio file wherever you go for a week or so, and when you feel like it became familiar with those words switch up to more complicated ones after a week, also make sure to speed up the player while the Centauri cordons, I think this is the best way to memorize anything, faster than ever.

The 80/20 Principle to Selling Products    How to Study

Let’s say that you’re an author and you have two products for sale, The first one is a self-development book and the second book is a novel, now looking at your sales statistics, you figured out that the first book is selling more than the novel, now here’s the big trap that everybody fall into, we’re going to suggest cutting down the novel sales and concentrate on song the self-development book, but as soon as you do that you’re going to lose the minority of customers who are only

Interested in buying your novel and therefore lose a lot of money, so instead apply the 20/80 principal the right way you, still have to put the low value products for sell, this reduces three production produced less copies of the second book to free up time and save money, this will get to spend less on the reproduction process of your books and

Earn more money without losing a single customer, you can even go deeper than that using this principle, you can stop paying for electricity bills and start using candles that’s dead sea spent twenty percent of your money on candles again the same amount of light to get from paying electricity bills.