Look: 8 Botched Plastic Surgeries

Cosmetic surgery is meant to change subtle aspects people may not like about themselves, a slight nip or tuck to boost their self-esteem. However, in a field where many procedures are still experimental, things don’t always go as planned. Here are 8 examples of botched plastic surgeries.

8-Donatella Versace

 plastic surgeries

Donatella Versace is a 61-year old Italian fashion designer that first made her debut in the mid-1970s. She worked with her brother in Florence before his death in 1997. Following the loss of her brother Versace launched her first future show at the Ritz hotel in Paris, France. She built her runway over the hotel’s pool and has overseen the production of dozens of collections since. Versace was always praised for her youthful appearance, however in recent years for looks of altered drastically and not for the better. Experts have speculated that Versace has undergone rhinoplasty, face lifts, possible cheek implants and what appears to be poorly done lip injection. She has never denied surgery, but she has also never confirmed it.