Top 10 richest kids in the world

Top 10 Richest Kids in The World

Some people spend their lifetimes trying to get rich and famous while others are born into it, celebrity couples are famously known for spoiling their children, because they’re in the limelight and have a Hollywood reputation of whole. So, have you guys ever wondered who the top 10 richest kids in the world.

10-Max Bratman & Summer Rutler   Richest Kids

richest kids Max Bratman & Summer Rutler

Runner who are they these are Christina Aguilera two children, max was conceived with their former partner Jordan Bratman and summer was conceived with her current fiancé matter of Christian Aguilars is famously known as a singer actress and mentor on the TV show the voice, for projects have given her net worth of 130 million dollars and this certainly helps Christina spoil her children she’s been 35 thousand dollars on max’s nursery and who else knows how much he spends on them throughout the year.


9-Kingston, Zuma & Apollo Rossdale   Richest Kids

richest kids :Kingston, Zuma & Apollo Rossdale

These three children are the son, of Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rosedale they had a combined network of 135 million dollars, even though they have a pretty substantial net worth. These children artist boiled as the other celebrity children on this list, the most expensive lover spending reported on these children, was for Kingston’s fourth birthday party and they spent $15,000 but still.

8-North West  Richest Kids

richest kids :North West

According to the celebrity net worth, Kanye has a net worth of our new 45 million dollars, others would argue and ay he actually doesn’t have money piece has been bagging Mark Zuckerberg for money and Kim Kardashian, has a net worth of about 85 million dollars, northwest is currently two years old and she already enjoys the perks of coming from a rich and famous Hollywood family. North west is often seen sitting in the front row of major fashion shows and is constantly being photographed. During one Christmas northwest received a sixty-two thousand dollar diamond tiara and a twelve thousand dollar toy black suv .