These days, the environment is high on the agenda for the vast majority of people, from politicians to the man in the street. But the environment and citizenship are very closely linked and part of being a good citizen is ensuring you do your part for the environment. All things considered, we should act now to repair harm is officially done to the environment for future ears – a key part of being a decent subject.

It is everybody’s obligation as a subject to live as ecologically neighborly , or green, a life as possible, both for our sakes, the planet’s and the sake of our children and their children. There are many ways in which we can live a more environmentally friendly life, and, just like charity, it begins at home. As citizens, we expect our waste to be taken away for us because we pay for this through council tax. But it costs the plant as well as the local to take away our rubbish and therefore all good citizens should adopt the mantra of reducing, reuse and recycle, in this order.

This basically means that we should try to cut down on our general consumption of things that can lead to waste. This can mean refusing carrier bags in shops when they are not needed, and refusing to buy things which have excess packaging. it also means we should only buy the food we know we will need, so those old eggs never have to be thrown away again. When we have done this, we must reuse.

Carrier bags are again a good example. Before we recycle, we should see if there is any way we can get extra use from items and save having to have another one – such as taking old carrier bags shopping or using shredded newspaper as pet bedding. Lastly, when we have exhausted all these possibilities, we should recycle.

So many things can now be recycled; the actual rubbish we throw away should be absolutely minimal. Do not forget, as well as recycling paper, tin, glass and plastic, we can also compost food waste to cut down on that going to landfill.

The environment and citizenship are inextricably linked. We may think that we are only one person and therefore cannot make much difference but if everyone made the same small changes, then bigger leaps forward would soon be made. It is our duty as citizens to both be pro-active in our attitude towards the environment and to help others to do the same.